The Universal Biometric CyberKey

Multi-Factor Authentication is now available for all

  • The KeoPass Key generates secure passwords from fingerprints.
  • KeoPass helps consumers and professionals secure their digital assets
    while removing the burdens of password creation, memorizing and typing.
    Eliminate easy-to-break passwords and mitigate the human factor in cyber-attacks.
KeoPass Universal Biometric CyberKey

CyberSecurity at your fingertips

Key Features


KeoPass works seamlessly with any Bluetooth or USB paired device, from computers, smartphones and tablets to smartlocks and more...


Unlike other authentication keys, KeoPass does not require any software installation nor IT backend modification.


KeoPass is a "secure-by-design" device with state-of-the-art fingerprint sensor, built-in biometric analysis and AES encrypted communications.


The KeoPass Key can secure computer & workstation logins, SSO, AD, VPN, crypto-wallets...
any application or website with password authentication.